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Yes! There Really is Sport Pilot Training Available

By Larry Gehrig

Greetings, my name is Larry Gehrig and I have been given this opportunity to remind our fellow EAA enthusiasts that Sport Pilot Chicago is actively involved in daily flight training for pilots to obtain sport pilot certification and we have been actively involved with Light Sport training since late 2005.

I operate the flight training facility, which was featured in the March 2007 issue of EAA Sport Pilot magazine. Perhaps in the spring of 2007, when the article by Tal Newhart was published, the spark had not yet ignited your desire to seek out a structured sport pilot training program. Now as the desire to become a certificated sport pilot has captured you, I would like to invite pilots and future pilots to visit our training facility. We operate seven days a week at Cushing Field (0C8) in Newark, Illinois, 65 miles southwest of downtown Chicago.  For winter operations we move into a comfortable heated hangar at the Aurora Municipal Airport (ARR) located in Sugar Grove, Illinois. The airport’s snow removal equipment makes winter training feasible and the control tower at this Class D airport quickly cures the student of any “mike fright.”

Sport Pilot Chicago has five highly qualified CFIs on staff. If you would like to continue flight training toward an advanced certificate - private, commercial, or instrument - after acquiring your sport pilot certificate, you may use the same aircraft you trained in. The logged hours required for the sport pilot certificate apply toward a private certification. The instructor must also be appropriately rated in order for the sport pilot time to count toward an advanced certificate.

Sport Pilot Chicago trains in the following aircraft: Sport Cruiser from Czech Aircraft Works (in January 2010, the Sport Cruiser became the PiperSport LSA), Evector Sportstar Plus, Aerotrek 240 (high-wing), and Quicksilver Sport 2-S. These aircraft are also available to rent to those pilots who have a pilot certificate.

Quicksilver. Did that get your attention? As you know, after January 31, 2010, we were unable to continue training in the often-requested E-LSA (Experimental Light Sport Aircraft), the Quicksilver. Until that date the Quicksilver accommodated a busy schedule and yielded multiple sport pilot certificates. Many of our students desire to train in and take their checkride in the low and slow, fun flying, affordable Quicksilver aircraft. We have two Quicksilver Sport 2-S models and are very much looking forward to satisfying aviators’ needs this coming spring.

How is this possible? You may have heard of EAA’s efforts to gain FAA approval of the LODA (Letter of Deviation Authority). This LODA, provided by the FAA, will allow use of an experimental light sport aircraft for sport pilot training. This approval will most likely occur in the very near future. We train every day and have been since 2005. If a concentrated training schedule is desired, on-site accommodations are available. Online scheduling and more information can be found here. The FAA requires a minimum of 20 logged hours for certification. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to pursue your rating. Call 630-390-5024 or e-mail Happy landings aviators!

Larry Gehrig has been involved with Quicksilvers since the early beginnings of the ultralight movement. He and fellow members of the FoxValley ultralight club have flown their Quicksilvers from the Chicago area to AirVenture numerous times. Read the article Cushing Field …a Pilot’s Paradise by Tal Newhart.

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Welcome to Sport Pilot Chicago

We would like to recognize the achievements of those students who are passing their checkrides and gaining solo endorsements with a little bit of fan fair. And so to the left are those students who have possesed the pateience, knowledge and skill required to become an aviator and Pilot -In-Command.
A few changes we've made to the website include a new gallery widow above that displays our current school activities at a glance.

Sport  Pilot  Chicago specializes in flight instruction and Special Light-Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) rentals. We are dedicated to the Light Sport Initiative. One can learn how to fly a variety of aircraft ranging from the Evektor SportStar to the Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser. In the past we have had many other SLSA avaiable including the Thorp T211-Sport and EuroFox Sport, to name a few. The current flight school mainstay fleet is comprised of the Evektor SportStar and the CZAW/CSA SportCruiser. Instruction is provided utilizing a fleet of the above aircraft. Your training can start immediately. An FAA Medical is not required, just a valid drivers license. You can obtain your Sport Pilot certificate  in   just over  20 hrs. This would consist of 15 hrs. dual instruction and 5 hrs. of solo time. Sport Pilot Chicago offers a complete flight training curriculum from start-to-finish for the Sport Pilot  certificate. We also encourage continuing education in pursuit Private pilot certificate. Whichever category pilot you are pursuing we can certainly help you along your journey.

We can help you achieve your dream of sport pilot certification. Your training with us will lead to passing your FAA check-ride the first time around.  With over thirty-seven years of instructing and flight school experience, we are committed  to your safe and enjoyable flight instruction and aircraft rental  needs.  Feel free to call or email us with any questions regarding your training. Click here for more details on instruction.

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Sport Pilot Kit

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CLICK HERE...To Read an EAA Sport Pilot Magazine article about the Thorp T211  by Dan Johnson.

Have you considered a flight bag for all your map requirements. The FAA requires that you use current maps when navigating. If your primary and or secondary GPS fails you will need to resort to your maps. What kind of maps does one carry these days. Paper is still available but totally outdated and cubersome for most. One possible alternative may be the Electronic Flight Bag. The FAA has now allowed the use of Electronic Flight bags and what is even better is that for the type of flying we do there are several off-the-shelf applications that will work just great. And keeps us safe and legal in case of a real mergency.



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